Easter chicken pox

I’m back at work after the long weekend.  My brother visited for a few days, which was nice.  The weather was patchy, but did include some nice sunny spells.  We, however, spent most of our time indoors with a little girl with chicken pox.

She got a high temperature early last week coupled with a number of red spots.  She was a little miserable to begin with.  After a few days she was feeling ok, but rather bored to be predominantly house-bound.  We could go for little walks outside, but couldn’t really take her to the playground or shops where she might end up being in contact with other children.  So a bit of extra attention management was necessary.

Other than that, the only thing that chicken pox requires is routine dabbing of the spots with calamine lotion.  This is supposed to ease the itchiness and make the patient more comfortable.  We understand the benefits, but it’s hard to reason with a two-year-old who just doesn’t like the look of the stuff.  We only managed to apply the lotion on one occasion.  She kicked up such a fuss every other time it was suggested that we weren’t able to get any onto her, not willingly at least.  We managed to sneak a bit on when moisturising after a bath one night, and we almost convinced her to have some put on by playing doctors.  I thought I’d been terribly clever to use role play to achieve this.  She removed her trousers and top happily enough, however as soon as I, playing the doctor, moved to dab her with lotion soaked cotton wool, she decided to stop playing.  So close, but not quite there.

She’s almost back to normal now, just a few lingering spots that are waiting to fully heal.  The only hard part is convincing her to stop scratching and scab picking!


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