New tyres for the Brompton

Other than a dose of chicken pox in the family, Easter brought with it a hearty mix of good food, good wine and too much chocolate.  But despite these obligatory indulgences, I’ve been in no state to work their lingering effects out of my system as I’m still off the bike.  It’s a bit depressing and I hope it won’t be for too much longer.  Planet-X are collecting my broken wheel today (delayed a bit by the holiday weekend) and I have ordered a new derailleur, opting for Shimano Ultegra 6700 rather than 105.  I also ordered a new FSA bottom bracket as the bearings on mine are sounding pretty bad after almost two years use.  Hopefully I’ll be back up and running soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been commuting on my old mountain bike on wet days and on the Brompton on dry days.  On Sunday I put some new tyres on the Brompton.  They are Schwalbe Kojak 32-349 (16″ x 1.25″).  These tyres are narrower and slicker than the standard Brompton tyres which they replace, and although I haven’t fully put them through their paces yet, they do feel nice and fast.

Previously, people who wanted to ride their Bromptons at a fast pace kitted them out with Schwalbe Stelvios, but Schwalbe stopped producing these in a 16″ size in 2008.  The Kojak, which was formerly a fat but slick city cruiser type tyre, started coming out in 2009 in a narrower version which provides a good substitute for the departing Stelvio.  The Kojak features a Kevlar bead which aids puncture resistance and a new rubber compound which improves grip, particularly on wet surfaces.

Schwalbe Kojak 16" x 1.25"

Anatoly Ivanov has written up a good review of the Kojak after switching his Brompton over from Stelivos.

I can give a better opinion once I’ve ridden on these for a while, but for now the change to a narrower tyre has meant that I can get up to speed more quickly and keep at a high pace with less effort.  With these tyres, I might have to take the Brompton on a Friday Night Ride to the Coast sometime!


2 Responses to “New tyres for the Brompton”

  1. 1 wheeledweenie Friday 16 April, 2010 at 15:10

    Not another Brompton on a FNRttC. Being overtaken on one while climbing a hill is just soooo demoralising!

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