I’m a keen cyclist living in Kingston-Upon-Thames,  south-west London, with my wife and our two-year-old daughter.  We moved to the area in late spring 2009, when we bought our first house.  Kingston is such a great place to live with a nice town centre, good transport links, highly rated schools, a calm stretch of the river Thames and of course, Richmond Park.  I honestly wonder how we’d never really discovered this area in all the years we lived in London before buying the house.

Having our own house, complete with garden, has been a liberating departure from renting first floor flats on six or twelve month contracts.  We’ve been working hard to personalise the place and carry out all of the little bits of work necessary to make the most of it.  For 2010 we plan to sort out the garden, amongst other things.  It was fully overgrown with nettles and brambles when we moved in.  We cleared all of that mess up last summer, and this summer we intend to transform the garden into both a pleasant and functional space, with fruit trees, vegetable beds and nice lounging and play areas.

I try to cycle whenever I can and you’ll often find me tearing around Richmond Park during my lunch hour, one of the few occasions I actually get out on my bike for an intensive ride.  Other than that, I’m a frequent participant in the monthly Friday Night Ride to the Coast (FNRttC), a magical moonlit overnight ride between central London and a seaside café at one of several coastal towns in the south east.  I’m a member of the Willesden Cycling Club although I very rarely get the chance to take part in any club activities.  Likewise, I have held a cat 4 racing licence since the beginning of 2009 and still haven’t managed to enter a single race, something that I will need to change this year.  I also hope to get out and do some group rides with the Kingston Wheelers this year.  They start their club rides much closer to home for me than Willesden CC do, so I should have more opportunities to get out with them.  As much as anything it will be nice to meet some other local cyclists and make some new friends.

I work as an IT Analyst at a media company in Teddington and my specialities lie in financial and business information systems (I work predominantly with Agresso Business World from Unit4). One of the nice things about my job, in addition to all of the lovely people I get to work with, is that the office is only a ten-minute cycle from home, depending which bike and route I take.  If I’m on my Brompton or mountain bike, I usually take a fairly direct route of around 3 km, but I stretch it out to 6 km or more if I’m on my road bike.  If I’m up early enough, I can leave the house before 7 am and ride via Box Hill or some other point in Surrey, covering 60 km or so before arriving at work in time for a shower and then getting stuck into the day’s tasks.  Working so close to home also means that I can ride home for lunch when I feel like it, which is quite nice!

I blog about cycling, parenthood, science, technology and whatever else comes to mind.  I also use this blog to link to other interesting things I find online.


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