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Returning to the bike

I’m back on the bike after a little absence.

A couple of weeks ago I was starting to feel like my fitness was returning.  I was feeling stronger when out on the bike and sessions on the turbo were going well.  Then we had a long weekend in Germany, so I had a few days off the bike.  Then I got sick.  I was feeling a bit rubbish last Tuesday, but still went to work.  I was completely knackered after the short ride home and then felt very rubbish the next morning so I stayed home.  I ended up being off work for the next three days, sleeping a good deal of the time.  I tried to do some work from home on Friday, but it wasn’t a very good idea and only lasted 20 minutes.

I felt slightly better on Saturday, still rather poor though.  But despite still feeling bad , I had an obligation to head into town with my daughter to do our shopping for Mothers’ Day, something I would have sorted out during the week had I not been sick.  I was exhausted afterwards, but it was a successful journey.  I felt a bit better again on Sunday and as the weather was so good, we went for a nice stroll along the river and through Richmond Park.

The weather the last few days has been beautiful, but it’s hard getting back to exercise after illness.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly fitness can drop off after a period of inactivity.  I rode to work on Monday but only slowly.  Any effort felt so much harder than normal and I was plagued with headaches which got worse throughout the day.  Yesterday was a bit better and I lengthened my ride home a little, but it was still quite hard to keep up a modest pace.  The headaches continued, but were not as bad as on Monday.  Today I’m headache free and feeling a lot more alive!

It looked lovely outside this morning and it wasn’t too cold (I’ve actually been wearing my short finger mitts today for the first time in months!) so I left the house a little early and rode up through Richmond Park, then down through Richmond and Twickenham before getting to work in Teddington.  The traffic around Richmond was much busier than usual which slowed my journey down quite a bit, but it was good to have ridden a bit further and faster than the previous two days.

By lunchtime it was 16 degrees outside, so there was no option but to get in a lap of Richmond Park!  The loop from work around the park via Kingston Bridge comes to about 20 km, which is a nice distance for a lunchtime ride.  I discarded the leg warmers, base layer and cap which I had worn to work and got a bit of air to my legs and head for a change.  It still felt quite a strain to keep the effort up for very long, and there was a fairly gusty south-westerly, but I managed my lap of the park in 20:43 which is almost as good as I’ve done on any other occasion in the last couple of months.  So not too bad, but I need to get back to 18-19 minute pace.  I haven’t managed to ride a three lap challenge of the park yet this year (time constraints, not many opportunities outside of weekday lunchtimes…), but I want to improve on my PB of 58:02 this year, and preferably get close to or beat 56:00.  The road surface around the park has improved a bit lately, which is nice, and there seems to be a lot less loose gravel than there was a few weeks ago.  I still wish they hadn’t bothered with the resurfacing to start with, but at least it’s starting to feel a bit better now.

I’m glad I got out for a quick lap at lunchtime today.  There’s nothing worse than seeing nice weather but not being able to get out and ride in it.  I might have to ride home the long way tonight, to take advantage just a little bit more!  However, the nice weather is not going to stay, so I expect I’ll be getting in a bit more time on the turbo.  Metcheck is forecasting rain for the next ten days, which is likely to hit all of us who are on the next Friday Night Ride to the Coast.  The last one I did was a frozen washout, so I hope this one won’t be quite so bad!


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